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Solid experience and fresh technologies, ready to ramp up your idea.


Our mission is simple: anyone possessing a tech idea and having the passion to transform it into a product or service should be given an opportunity to realize their dreams, and that’s what we do. We also want to help SMBs and Enterprises to enhance their IT strategies and enable them increase their customer base and profitability.


We can help startups that require a full-time equivalent Chief Technology Officer

Small & medium businesses

We can help small and medium businesses that are looking to revamp their technology infrastructure.


We can help large organizations that are looking to stay ahead of technology disruption.


To become the go-to company for businesses of all sizes for high quality technological guidance
and benefit them with our extensive experience in developing IT software solutions.


TechPartners is a full-service technical support provider that can work with you to improve your business and stretch your bottom line
A full-service technical support provider

Agile methodologies, latest technologies, clean design.

technologies used by Techpartners

  • Internet of things

    Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, Rfm69 Module, NFC, C++, Linux distros

  • Big Data

    ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Prediction I\O, Spark, Mahout, Data Analysis, Scikit

  • Web and Mobile Applications

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, Sass, Electron, Bootstrap, Cordova, Android & iOS SDK

  • UI UX Design

    Wireframes, prototypes and user-centered design.


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Nicola Palumbo

Growth Hacker & Software Engineer
Nicola is our team’s growth hacker and full stack developer who helps clients in identifying the most effective ways of building and engaging the user base and growing their business.
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Alessio d’Arielli

Graphic Designer & Front-end Developer
Alessio is the front-end developer of our team who specializes in web designing and mobile application development, and ensures that your website and software applications looks and functions seamlessly.
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Leonardo Canonico

Financial Consultant
Leonardo is our expert financial consultant who secures funding for startups and provides effective financial advice to small businesses and enterprises.


To us, every idea is worth something and it shouldn’t be left unheard or go unnoticed. We empower people to give their tech idea a shot, and evaluate possibilities for transforming it into an amazing product or service. We use a set of effective business techniques including Agile and Lean approach, continuous back-and-forth communication, problem solving attitude, and partnership mindset to empower people and businesses and help them create value for their digitally infused business model.

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