October 14, 2016


Our team and philosophy

We embrace remote working, so each of us works from the place he deserves. Software engineers, full-stack  and mobile developers: we work together with passion and enthusiasm to push forward amazing projects.



Techpartners is a cool place to work, thanks to the team flexibility: we are positive, relaxed and easy-going. We try to maintain a friendly yet professional environment. We don’t have formal meetings, only a couple of quick weekly calls. It’s very crucial to us that every employee feels like an important part of the team.

What we offer:

  • remote working: you can work from wherever you like. Feel free to arrange your working day as you prefer
  • possibility to earn as much as you think you deserve, accordingly to your knowledge and your will to push ahead your career
  • highly-skilled team members, who have been working with the state of the art tools for many years
  • agile methodologies and innovative tools. Remote working pushes ahead quality.
  • writing articles for our tech blog on this website

What we require:

  • Passion and enthusiasm for your job
  • Agile problem-solving
  • Strong communication skills
  • That you live in a European timezone (UTC / UTC +2)
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English

What we are looking for:

  • Front-end Developers
    – Experience with ES2015, Sass, HTML 5, CSS3, GIT, npm, bower, grunt, gulp or webpack
  • Back-end Developers
    – At least +1 year of experience with PHP or Ruby and relative frameworks (ex. Symfony, Laravel, etc.)
    – Solid knowledge of OOP
  • Mobile Developers
    – At least 2/3 app developed deployed on Apple or Play stores, knowledge of Cordova or Ionic and\or native languages (Java, Objective C, Swift)


Want to join us or ask more informations to open positions or current projects? Mail us at hello@techpartners.ch or join our slack team